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Jan 25, 2023
In Community Introductions
Hello everyone! I am a second year Phd student in the Department of Archaeology. I moved here from Wobanak, the place where the sun first touches the ground, the Dawnland, or what is currently called Maine. I have a keen interest in indigenous methodologies due to my field, which is deeply rooted in colonialism. I feel a responsibility to learn and change my practices based on this so that I don't perpetuate the wrongs of my predecessors. I also feel that everyone has something to learn from indigenous methodology, practice, and philosophy and that these wisdoms need to be more widely disseminated. Some of the authors that have been extremely influential to me in this regard are: Greg Cajete Sonya Atalay Robin Wall Kimmerer Sherri Mitchell David Abram Lorenzo Veracini Lisa Brooks Linda Tuhiwai Smith


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