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North America

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University of Cambridge



Presented by affiliates of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Weekly Schedule

Lent Term 2023

Day and Time:


5 p.m.- 6 p.m. GMT

Physical Location:

Seminar Room 2

HPS Department

Week 1

Intro to Indigenous Methodologies

What are Indigenous Methodolgies and how do they differ from Western ones?

Guest: Joe Gone, Director of Harvard University Native American Program

January 25th

Week 2

Workshop 1:


Engage in scientific inquiry, the Indigenous way, in this activity led by Eli Nelson

Guest: Eli Nelson, Founder of the Center for Black, Brown, and Queer Studies

February 1st

Week 3

Medicine and Wellness

How have indigenous groups successfully cultivated medicine and nutrition in their areas?

Guests: Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, Co-Chair of United Nations Global Indigenous Youth Caucus

Yolandra Gomez Toya, Jicarilla Apache Nation Pediatrician

February 8th

Week 4

Native Natural Sciences

What is an Indigenous way to view environment and why is it more important now than ever?

Guests: Althea Walker, Co-Director of Climate Science Alliance

Alexis Nikole Nelson, American forager and ethnobotanist

February 15th

Week 5

Workshop 2:

Medicial Sciences

Learn the process of how Indigenous conceptions are integrated into genetic work

Guest: Krystal Tsosie, Navajo Geneticist and Bioethicist

February 22nd

Week 6

Planetary Sciences and Technology

What are some Indigenous conceptions of the planet and digital future?

Guests: Alvin Harvey, Navajo Aerospace Engineer at MIT

Kathryne J Daniel, Chickasaw-Comanche Galactic Dynamicist

Brooke Johnson Waukau, Sioux Drone Warrior

March 1st

Week 7

Workshop 3:

Indigenious Tech

Explore how to operate digital technologies using Indigenous protocol and logic

Guest: Jason Edward Lewis, digital media theorist and software designer

March 8th

Week 8


A Lil Something Extra

In Kouri Vini culture, it is tradition to give a lagniappe, or a lil something extra, when a guest leaves. In this final section, we will explore a topic of your choosing that we may not have covered during the term.

Guest: TBA

March 15th


Learning Tools

Discover a wealth of knowledge in our Learning Tools section, where you'll find a comprehensive collection of seminar syllabi, readings, videos, worksheets, and workshop notes. Stay up-to-date as we continually expand our resources throughout the term to enhance your learning experience.


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Background in Indigenous Methodologies
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